The cost of not fixing water damage

This was posted 23/1/2024

Leaving water damage untreated can cause multiple issues. Water can be absorbed by many materials such as gyprock, carpet, internal timber framing, timber flooring, structural flooring, paint, furniture and concrete slabs. Moisture if left in materials can cause mould, odour, and structural deterioration of materials. The cost of not fixing water damage may be more expensive than the restoration process, ie:

-Having to remove (potentially cut out affected materials)

- Removing kitchens

-Organise trades and builders to replace affected materials this can include gyprock, timber flooring, structural flooring

- Mould treating property if mould is present

-Time out of property needed while under construction

- Leaving property and potentially using accommodation while construction is being carried out

-Costing more money than just drying the materials in place

Walls can buckle and bow, timber floors can cup or crown (we can fix this in place.)

Acting quickly and drying the property while everything is in place will save insurance companies money, save on trades coming in and cutting out affected walls, painting, removing timber flooring, kitchens, walls etc.

Waiting for trades to show up, staying in alternate accommodation for weeks or months. All this can be avoided, dry in place and get back to living in your home quicker, less hassle, and piece of mind that everything is safe and at a pre loss condition.

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The cost of not fixing water damage